me in 2 0 1 4

what is your middle name: jennifer

what was your favorite subject in school: history and art

what is your favorite drink: h2o & honey green (or milk) tea

what is your favorite song right now: lean on me by standing egg

what is your favorite food: kimchi stew (hands down)

what is the last thing you bought: two packs of board pins at daiso

favorite book of all time: little women or robinson crusoe

favorite color: pastel orange

do you have any pets: never had one

favorite perfume: currently using RALPH by ralph lauren

favorite holiday memory: christmas in san francisco with family & friends

favorite bread: italian ciabatta (hands down again)

how many times have you been out of the country: once, to canada

do you speak other languages: fluent in korean, tiny bit of french & japanese

how many siblings: one younger sister

last time you cried: yesterday, i watched love phobia

favorite movie: the sound of music & howl’s moving castle

favorite tv show: infinite challenge, arrow, who do you think you are

pc or mac: have a mac but like both types

what phone do you own: white samsung galaxy s3

how tall are you: 5’ 6”

can you cook: snacks, yes. course meals, no.

There are two types of best friends

Number 1: The best friend who you’re real close to. You see them at least twice a week, maybe more. You talk a lot and catch up on everything.

 Number 2: The best friend you don’t talk to as often, but deep down, you’ll always know that they’re your best friend. They understand you, although they barely see you.

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